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3rd Edition Rules

The Rules for End Of Empire have been written by Pete Malcolm & Tim Eagling. We set out to create a rule system that would allow us to be as imaginative and creative as possible with our campaigns. The new rule book is full colour and has in depth explanation of how some of the mechanism work.

 The main rules cover:

The Game Turn


Skills; Shooting, Muscles & Reflexes

Attributes; Toughness, Hero Points & Victoriana

Tasks & Tests; Piece of Cake, Tricky, Difficult & Extreme

Combat; Hand to Hand & Missile fire


Hiding & Spotting

They also include information about creating characters, healing and developing characters & social class.

The Rules Pack also has a variety of record sheets for characters, campaigns and scenarios. There is a new campaign "The Devil in Amber". Details of how to create your own campaigns and information about our campaign setting Lion's Square.

The rules sets are FULL COLOUR, individually printed and presented in clear fronted acetate booklets.

You may purchase a set of End Of Empire rules from Spirit Of The Game for only 7.50 including P&P. (8.50 if international) We can accept all major cards through those splendid people at PAYPAL


The rules do not attempt to cover every eventuality. It is hoped that as Games Masters, or players, design scenarios and campaigns they will write extra scenario specific rules. We will aim to post our additional rules on this site. These additions will include; characters, tests, traps, spells, creatures events. You are more than welcome to submit your additional rules for publication on this site. Send your rules additions to